Nif Nif is coming soon to Kickstarter!

Nif Nif is a one-of-a-kind family-friendly roguelike deckbuilder. It is violence-free and smart, and adapts to everyone.

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Nif Nif Kickstarter coming soon!

Nif Nif is a roguelike deckbuilder for children. Go on a journey to the source of the pollution of your forest and restore animals to health.

Games and company pillars

Non-violence and accessibility

Our games are for all children. We strongly stand against violence in games for small children, and feel that all children should be able to enjoy our games, and offer inclusive settings for all.

Strategy games and learning

Strategy makes you smart! No multiple choice questionnaires, no tests, no grading. Just like chess or go, our games offer a stress-free intelligent experience to enjoy and apply important life skills.

Diversity is our strength

With our team of women and men across continents, we look at ideas that everyone, no matter the place, can enjoy and relate to.