We are Springfox Games

A team of talented people all over the world united by a common goal: Create beautiful, sweet strategy games for all children.


Masha started playing games at the age of 5, helping her father test games for magazines as a teen, and even featured in a full motion video game from Microids. She has played all sorts of indie games throughout the years. She has streamed indie and strategy games on Twitch as a partner and is an active Discord member. 


She worked 12 years in the Education field, created a startup, had 2 beautiful kids and was appointed Managing Director in a subsidiary of the LVMH group that she developed from the ground up in Hong Kong. She decided to open a Gaming company and went back to school to get trained as a game producer to do so confidently.

She coproduced a student game (Friends of Fortune) that won a national competition in France and has been working in tech and gaming since.