Save the forest with Nif Nif, the cleanest piglet in town. Grab your cards and soups, locate and clear the source of the Goo ensnaring the wildlife. Improve your deck and help animals by cleaning them on the way.

Embark on a Whimsical Adventure with Nif Nif, the Cleanest Piglet in the Forest!

Welcome to Nif Nif, a Charming Roguelike Deckbuilder for Little Adventurers

I’m Nif Nif, a curious piglet with a passion for cleanliness and a big heart for animals. I’m about to embark on an exciting adventure to the forest, where a mysterious goo has trapped all the forest creatures in a sticky mess. It’s up to me to use my trusty cards, my love for cleanliness, and my adventurous spirit to free them from their gooey predicament.

Join Me On A Goo-cleaning Mission

As I venture deeper into the forest, I encounter all sorts of adorable animals covered in goo, from fluffy bunnies to playful squirrels. With my deck of cleaning cards, I’ll spray, scrub, and polish each animal until they’re back to their sparkling selves. Along the way, I’ll discover new cleaning techniques, unlocking powerful abilities to tackle even the gooiest situations.

You won’t believe how cute these goo creatures actually look!

Build Your Deck and Craft Magic Soups

On my journey, I’ll face various challenges, from mischievous goo creatures to tricky encounters. To overcome these obstacles, I’ll need to build a strategic deck filled with cleaning cards, each with its unique ability. I’ll also collect special seeds that I can plant in my garden back home. These seeds will grow into magical ingredients that I can use to cook delicious soups to take on my forest adventures.

As long as I don’t eat all right away!

A Magical World Inspired by Children’s Books

The forest is a vibrant and enchanting place, filled with colorful trees, playful animals, and hidden surprises. The game’s art style, created by a talented children’s book illustrator, brings the forest to life with its whimsical charm and adorable characters.

A Gamer Mom’s Passion Project

Nif Nif is a game created with love by a gamer mom who wanted to share her passion for strategy games with her children. The game’s simple yet engaging mechanics, along with its charming story and adorable characters, make it perfect for young adventurers.

Join Nif Nif on His Goo-Cleaning Quest!

Don’t miss out on this heartwarming adventure! Add Nif Nif to your Steam wishlist today and embark on a journey to clean up the forest and restore the animals to their former glory. Let’s make the forest the cleanest and happiest place it’s ever been!