Springfox Games unveils Nif Nif,
a Squeaky Clean Roguelike Adventure for Kids!

Hong Kong, 13/3/2024

Springfox Games is bubbling with excitement to announce Nif Nif, a charming new roguelike deckbuilder for young heroes aged 4-12.

Embrace the Goo in a Whimsical World

Nif Nif whisks players away to a vibrant land where adorable critters find themselves stuck in gooey messes! Instead of wielding swords, players equip themselves with a deck of cleaning cards to liberate these creatures. But beware – the goo fights back! In this turn-based adventure, strategize your deck to outwit gooey foes and restore their happy animal forms.

A Family-Friendly Twist on a Beloved Genre

Nif Nif breaks the mold of traditional roguelikes, typically known for their punishing difficulty. Developed by a passionate indie gamer mom, Nif Nif offers an accessible experience with adjustable difficulty and a shorter play loop, making it perfect for children of all skill levels.

Key Features:

  • Violence-Free Fun: No swords or spells here! Use cleaning cards to solve puzzles and help adorable creatures.
  • Adjustable Difficulty: Tailor the challenge to your child’s skill level for a stress-free play experience.
  • Turn-Based Strategy: Take your time to strategize the perfect cleaning combo, encouraging critical thinking.
  • Bright and Beautiful: Delightful visuals from children’s book illustrators bring the world to life, alongside a whimsical soundtrack.


“We wanted to create a game that not only entertains but also encourages strategic thinking in a positive and stress-free environment,” says Masha Mallet, CEO of Springfox Games. “Nif Nif is the perfect way for gamer parents to share their love for the roguelike genre with their children.”

Availability & Additional Information

Nif Nif is coming soon to PC, followed at the end of the year by Switch and Playstation.